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Need to make contact with us about anything? We are here to listen and are waiting for your call!

Having Your Say

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Everything Takes Time

We know you are super busy. That's why we are taking steps to improve information and ordering online!

Everything Takes Time

We have great customers and are taking steps to give you the easiest buying process. Watch this space for online ordering and other great perks like order history!

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It’s All AboutGetting it right!

  • Base Loam

    The core foundation to any playing surface.

  • Seed Bed Loam

    The part that plays the biggest role in growth.

  • Top Dressing Loam

    Our unrivalled quality loams will improve your surface.

When you need the best loamUse GOSTD Loam


20kg Bags PA.

Bulk bags PA.

with a loam production of
Tonnes PA.


Our CustomersTrust Our Service

"Surrey Loams' has produced the construction loams & top dressings for all tennis courts at Wimbledon for over 40 years, a testament to their quality, consistency & reliability."Neil Stubley, Head Groundsman, The All England Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon.
Tennis Loam Customer

"I have used GOSTD cricket loams as a first class groundsman for many years because the quality of the material is superb & consistent year on year."Andy Mackay, Head Groundsman, Sussex County County Cricket Club.

Order Now and Start Producing The Very Best Surfaces

All GOSTD Loam is blended and produced using quality soils most of which are sourced locally to our facility in Surrey. By choosing the best materials to create our unique products, we can ensure the consistency year on year. With the use of Science and Technology in the production process, we have turned the blending of GOSTD Loam into an art form.

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