Quality Soils

Top Quality Top Dressings

Screened, Blended, Scientifically Analysed, Bagged and Supplied directly from the manufacturer to you. Quality that is reproduced year after year, to ensure that our loam is always first class. Building on 50 Years of Top Dressing production to supply Groundsmen across the UK and Europe with first class loams.

  • Independently Batch Tested During Production
  • Only Blended from Quality Soils
  • Quality Controlled at all stages of Production
  • Family owned and run for over 50 Years
  • Consistency of Supply


Proven product range

GOSTD Loams have been developed over the last 50 years with the help of leading consultants and scientists in the soil and turf industries. This has allowed GOSTD brand loams to be at the cutting edge of the top dressing industry. We only use tested quality soils, clays and sands to blend our products, this ensures we know exactly what's in it!

  • Top Dressings for Natural Grass Surfaces
  • Range of Construction Soils - Base - Seed Bed
  • Landscaping and Garden Products
  • Fertilizer and Grass Seed also available
The Grass Roots

Sharing Common Goals

  • Healthy Fertile Loam

    Building a good healthy surface for your sport facility is something we take very seriously. We want you to have confidence that, GOSTD Loams are able to help you realise your dreams.

  • Over 50 Years in production

    Our reputation speaks for itself, backed by a family owned and run business that has been a pioneer in loam manufacturer since 1968.

  • High Loam Compatibility

    Want to improve your current surfaces? But worried that you can't change your dressings because of incompatibility.
    This simply is not true, the key is in how you Plan, Action and Manage that change for it to be successful for many years!


Set Your Goals and Meet Them

  • Making the perfect Surface

    The materials used to construct your playing surface are just as important as your skills to use them and make that surface the best.

  • we have years of experience

    We only use the best to create our products and we support all our customers with as much support and advice as they require, we would like to think we treat our customers like family.

  • Community Friendly

    Our community and the environment are always important to our business and we actively support local junior sports clubs.