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We know that your time is important to you, and being able to order and reorder the products you purchase can be time consuming and is sometimes very stressful. Being able to see your orders and be kept up to date on their progress, is one of our goals. Access for you is coming and if you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can make your life easier we would welcome them, please use the contact form to send us your thoughts.

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Soil Sales

Helpful Sales Team

Our knowledgeable friendly staff are always available during business hours, to handle your calls and emails quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on being there when you need us and providing that all important Delivery/Collection just at the right time.
The combined knowledge of sports loams in our company, is in excess of 120 trading years, and all of that experience has been gained whilst working for Surrey Loams Ltd.
We really do understand your industry.
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Very Special

Some things are Special

When you cannot find that specific mix of soil for your sports surface, we can blend it in our own production facility, where we currently produce one of the best base, seedbed and top dressing sports loam product ranges in the UK.
Scientifically analysed throughout production to ensure that the finished GOSTD loam will meet your requirements.

A bespoke production run using only the best locally sourced soils, sands and clay's, the ultimate in sports loam production and available only from us.

The Grass Roots

Ensuring Compatibility

Whilst we cannot comment on other suppliers' products, we know our own, down to particle level, and that is pretty thorough. Replacing a previous surface has long been a nightmare that most have tried to avoid, but there comes a time when there is simply no other option indicated by its tired performance. Compatibility has often been used to avoid a change in suppliers for fear of layering the playing surface. This has without doubt scared some groundsman away from taking a leap of faith and trusting in their own ability to make it happen.
Planning and seeking advice has many benefits and if that change is what you want, we are here to work with you for the long-term success of your grass sports surface.
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Lets Make a Change

English Garden

Ultimate Gostd Loam

Honed to perfection, developed and tested rigorously throughout production, every batch is produced to the most exacting high standards, to ensure that the high quality is maintained for our customers, this is why we have been the nominated supplier for many National Heritage sites throughout the UK along with World Class Tennis & Cricket facilities in the UK and Europe. They trust in our ability to provide them with the best loam and service and we take pride in meeting and exceeding their expectations on every order.
Every GOSTD customer is important from the local gardener who needs 20kg bag, to National Heritage Castle who need 300 Tonnes for a rose garden.

GOSTD Loams make the difference.

Tennis at home

Building It Just For You

There are some people in the world that love their sport so much that they want to play it at home, on a real grass sports surface. If your one of them, why not take advantage of our Consultation, Design and Build services.
We have for many years provided services to individuals, schools and clubs, who would like a Quality Grass Tennis Court or a Real Grass Cricket Wicket in their own back garden or land, built using the same high standards as Club,County or even National level surfaces. We have a network of Groundsmen and Companies across the UK, so if we are not able to help you directly, we will put you in touch with someone who can.

We can make your dream a reality using GOSTD Loams.

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