GOSTD M2000 – Organic Mulch

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Simply the best time saver for your garden and vegetable patch, Mulching has a host of benefits.

Covering the soil around plants with a protective layer of material will considerably suppress weed growth and help retain moisture, meaning less time spent weeding and watering.
Mulching also provides additional plant nutrients enriching the soil and invigorating plant growth and health.

A further benefit of mulching is that it is also aesthetically pleasing, enhancing the appearance of your borders with the contrast between mulch and plants defining your garden.

GOSTD Brand Organic Mulch is a rich shredded and composted natural organic material, there are no chemical additives or peat of any kind in the product, which has a pH of approximately 7.0

Our Organic Mulch is a recycled material which is enhancing, and not depleting our environment.