Wicket – PM 36

Cricket squares, Tees and Tennis courts

This mixture incorporating high quality turf type perennial ryegrass cultivars gives fast establishment, strong soil binding characteristics, fine dense appearance and high close mown wear tolerance.

A versatile mix suitable for any close mown situation under wear.

SKU: Master-PM36


Cricket Wicket, Tennis and Tees renovation

The combination of these highly rated cultivars, now including Dickens.
Gives excellent performance with regard to speed of establishment, density and resistance to wear, under close mown conditions.

Reduced playing area downtime.
Ideal for over-seeding wickets, tees and tennis baselines.

GroMax coated as standard

Biostimulants assist the seedlings ability to take advantage of the soil’s own inherent reserves of nutrient by stimulating the soil’s microflora. resulting in improved root growth and establishment.

Gromax is a dry formulation of natural humates and humic acids, seaweed extract, a proprietary blend of natural sugars (sucrose), vitamins (B complex & K), soluble potash and buffering agents. The product is compatible with most micro-nutrients, fertilisers and pesticides.