Potting Loam

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The GOSTD Brand Products are used by some of the world’s finest sporting establishments, and the same wealth of knowledge and expertise in the refinement, mixing and blending of various natural organic materials has gone into producing GOSTD P2000 Potting Loam.

Organically Enriched Potting Loam is an ideal material for use in the cultivation of plants from seed to planting out. Providing the best start for your seeds in one of the most important stages in the growth cycle of any plant and by using GOSTD P2000 you are ensuring that they have one the best soils to support good healthy growth.

It’s always a good idea to establish what’s in the soil you use for potting as some Potting Loam has had additional fillers added to reduce the actual amount of soil it contains and some come premixed with artificial slow release fertilisers, which can cause an unusual odour from the bag, which can also be very unpleasant. Our soils are blended using only natural organic ingredients, and if you wish to add fillers or fertilisers you can do this before using GOSTD P2000, thus allowing you to mix your very own potting soil to your own exact consistency, making each bag of GOSTD P2000 go even further.

All GOSTD products are mixed without adding any peat during their production. 100% Peat Free.
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Made from a combination of finely screened light to medium clay-based Loam, blended with rich shredded and composted organic matter, to provide all the natural plant nutrients required. Only natural materials are used and there are no chemical additives, or any kind of peat in the product, which has a pH of approximately 7.5.

Why “medium clay” based Loam? Because medium clay-based Loams and soils produce the most fertile growing media especially when enriched with natural organic compost.

Why “organic” compost? Because natural organic compost is a recycled material, enhancing, not depleting our environment. It provides additional plant nutrients and improves soil structure invigorating plant growth and health.