Sulphate of Iron + Fe


Iron is a trace element used in many fertilisers, but alone it’s used mainly on lawns.
It helps with moss control, diseases such as fusarium patch and take-all patch which like high pH turf surfaces, as well as helping in worm control.

Its most common use though is as a moss killer. Regular applications every 6-8 weeks in the winter months will help stop any moss invading your lawn. It also has the added benefit of burning off certain weeds if used regularly and helps prevent algae problems.

Caution: Great care must be taken in the application of this product as over-use can damage lawns (although used correctly it is effective in neutral or slightly acidic soils).

Application Tips
  • When applying, ensure you get even application/coverage by using a mechanical spreader, set at the correct settings.
  • Avoid applying during Drought conditions.

Application rate: 35g/sq. m. (1oz/sq. yd.)
Coverage: 570 sq.m @ 35g per metre


Diluted Application rate: 60g dissolved in 10 litres of water
Minimum Diluted Coverage: 18 sq.m @ 3.3g per metre

Application Months:
Winter: December, January, February.

Packaged Weight: 20kg