SG8 Autumn Winter Fine Turf Fertiliser

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All good lawns need an Autumn/Winter feed as well as the summer feed.

Economical, clean, high phosphate for good root growth, 3-10-5 has been designed to give you that extra protection throughout the cold months without causing problems.

A granular fertiliser designed for use across the Autumn and Winter months on grass lawn and turf areas.

Balanced levels to help support the turf through the cold, wet winter months whilst avoiding high levels or saturation and run off.

  • Cost effective application, from as little as 35g/sq.m enabling one bag to cover 571m2 making it very economical.
  • Granule dispersal/breakdown takesĀ aroundĀ 4-5 days.
  • Adjusted levels of Phosphate\Potash to support the slow down in growth cycles but maintain healthy root structures.
  • Balanced Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) to assist the grass throughout the winter months.
Application Tips
  • When applying, ensure you get even application/coverage by using a mechanical spreader, set at the correct settings.
  • Avoid mowing for around a week either side of the application.
  • Avoid applying during Frosty or Drought conditions.

Application rate: 35g/sq. m. (1oz/sq. yd.)
Coverage: 570 sq.m @ 35g per metre

Application Months:
Autumn: September, October, November
Winter: December, January, February

Packaged Weight: 20kg