SG11 Spring Summer Fertiliser

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This very safe to use product is designed for all lawn types of all sizes. It is made as a mini-granular for easy application while still providing a good coverage. (11-5-5)

Spring and Summer Lawn Feed will give your lawn that lush look that you crave for, and the Iron content will help keep that moss at bay.

The Magnesium Oxide content helps maintain Magnesium levels in the soil, which is part of the chlorophyll essential for photosynthesis.

  • Response to application can normally be seen within 7 days.
  • Granule dispersal/breakdown takesĀ aroundĀ 4-5 days.
  • High levels of Phosphate\Potash to help encourage growth and root development.
  • Balanced Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) to strengthen turf.
  • Additional Iron to help control moss
  • Additional Magnesium Oxide to help with photosynthesis
  • Even growth, strength and colour over the surface, helping to prevent unsightly patches.
Application Tips
  • When applying, ensure you get even application/coverage by using a mechanical spreader, set at the correct settings.
  • Apply when the grass is actively growing.
  • Avoid mowing for around a week either side of the application.
  • Avoid applying during Frosty or Drought conditions.

Application rate: 35g/sq. m. (1oz/sq. yd.)
Coverage: 570 sq.m @ 35g per metre

Application Months:
Spring: March, April, May.
Summer: June, July, August.

Packaged Weight: 20kg