SG4 Spring Summer Outfield Fertiliser

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A fine granular fertiliser compound for use on any grassed area from fine laws to sports fields, slower nutrient release helping to avoid rapid top growth after application. (9-7-7)

A good quality fertiliser that is ideal for application to grassed areas throughout Spring and Summer. Can be used on most grassed surfaces like fine lawns all the way up to sports fields.
Having a healthy lawn helps it to withstand the disruption and issues caused by drought, moss, weeds and disease, application of this fertiliser will help achieve a healthy and lush lawn. Can be applied using a spreader which we would recommend during May/June and by hand to areas that suffer from intense use. In normal use it will release the nutrients over a period of 5-6 weeks or so, which will help to slow top growth and reduced mowing.

  • Response to application can normally be seen within 7 days.
  • Granule dispersal/breakdown takesĀ aroundĀ 4-5 days.
  • High levels of Phosphate\Potash to help encourage growth and root development.
  • Balanced Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) to strengthen turf.
  • Even growth, strength and colour over the surface, helping to prevent unsightly patches.
Application Tips
  • When applying, ensure you get even application/coverage by using a mechanical spreader, set at the correct settings.
  • Apply when the grass is actively growing.
  • Avoid mowing for around a week either side of the application.
  • Avoid applying during Frosty or Drought conditions.

Application rate: 70g/sq. m. (2oz/sq. yd.)
Coverage: 285 sq.m @ 70g per metre

Application Months:
Spring: March, April, May.
Summer: June, July, August.

Packaged Weight: 20kg